How to Join Young Living

How to Join Young Living:

1. Go to Young Living’s website.

2. Choose your membership: “Wholesale Member
{This is NOT signing you up to sell, but to purchase at wholesale. Doing business later is something you can choose if you want, but NEVER required}

How to get started with essential oils3. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should be filled in for you. If not, add in 2033058 in both boxes.

4. Fill out all the information. Write down your username, password and pin for future use.

5. Select your Premium Starter Kit. You have choices of diffusers or the Thieves or Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kits.

How to get a diffuser with the starter kit


6. Optional ~ Sign up for our loyalty program autoship called Essential Rewards (ER). You will earn bonus points on this order each month that can be redeemed for free products on future orders. I say it is the smartest way to shop ~ purchase wholesale with your own account, and earn bonus points for free product. It is like getting paid to shop! It’s a completely OPTIONAL program but great to help you get started right.

How can I get essential oils cheaper?

Don’t forget to confirm if you decide you would like to get all the benefits from the company for your family.  *If you need to add any more products, click the optional link in the lower right hand corner.

 What are essential rewards

7.  CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.  Don’t forget this step to make sure you have completed the process.




Do I have to buy product every month, or sell product? Is there a quota?

There is no monthly purchase requirement. Young Living is a membership similar to Costco or Sam’s Club, and your starter kit is your membership. You will also get 24% on anything you purchase after you get your kit, and you never have to order monthly or sell the products. All that’s required is one annual purchase of $50 to keep your account active.


You have just taken an amazing step for your life by joining Young Living and our team. I look forward to helping you get started on your new journey, and will contact you soon to set you up with some Thank You gifts from me, plus online resources to get you off the ground running.